Ongeza Agrovet

About Us

Ongeza AgroVet shops sell high quality, fair-priced agriculture and veterinary products directly to rural Tanzanian farmers and livestock rearers. Ongeza focuses on rural areas and strives to have a shop in every rural ward of Tanzania. This reach will be accomplished by a combination of company-owned and franchise stores. Besides agrovet products, Ongeza sells its own PAYG solar system which allows customers to save money by not incurring the ongoing expense of buying polluting kerosene.

Find A Shop

Ongeza AgroVet currently has 26 shops, and we continue to grow.

Region District Shop Name Shop Number
Singida Iramba Iramba Agro vet 0756230912
Singida Iramba Kinampanda Agro Shop 0769407803
Singida Singida Rural Mtinko Agro Shop 0626281643
Singida Mkalama Mkalama Agro Shop 0626281640
Manyara Hanang Bassoutu Agro Shop 0626281648
Manyara Hanang Katesh Agro Shop 0754873189
Simiyu Maswa Maswa Agro Shop 0626281631
Arusha Monduli Mto wa Mbu Agro Shop 0755254761
Singida Singida Rural Ikungi Agro Shop 0626281641
Tabora Nzega Nzega Agro Shop 0755905861
Singida Kikhonda Kikhonda Agroshop 0626281638
Manyara Hanang Mwahu Agroshop 0695120565
Arusha Simanjiro Lorkisale Agroshop 0754551612
Singida Singida Rural Ilongero Agroshop 0626281642
Singida Ikungi Puma Agro-Vet 0754881961
Singida Singida Rural Sagara Agrovet 0754543025
Shinyanga Shinyanga Shinyanga Agrovet 0767429537
Simiyu Maswa Ipililo Agrovet 0695120187
Simiyu Maswa Senani Agrovet 0626281634
Singida Manyoni Manyoni Agrovet 0755262889
Singida Singida (R) Itigi Agrovet 0755037952
Dodoma Chemba Chemba Agrovet 0695120674
Dodoma Chamwino Chamwino Agrovet 0695120644
Singida Iramba Kyengege Agrovet 0758493924
Singida Iramba Mbelekese Agrovet 0695120427
Tabora Tabora Tabora Agrovet 0756017145

Become A Franchisee

If you are a rural entrepreneur or an existing agrovet shop owner, join the Ongeza network and expand your business and better serve your community. Joining Ongeza gives you access to quality products delivered directly to your shop.

Contact us to learn more on becoming a franchisee.

Ongeza supplies you and your shop with all you need to be successful:

  • Gain better margins with preferred pricing.
  • Increase sales, driven by a trusted brand and company marketing and promotions.
  • Sell new products: pay-as-go solar, televisions, tractors, ploughs and fertilizer.
  • Access company technology for your shop, including solar power, inventory management, a security system, and point-of-sale hardware.
  • Allow Ongeza to manage your stock levels and deliveries, ensuring you always have products to sell.
  • Learn with continual training of best practices and new products.
  • Get support with taxes and certifications.

Sell Your Products

Distributors and suppliers, Ongeza AgroVet is the quickest way to reach the last mile for rural Tanzanian farmers. Selling products at Ongeza AgroVet immediately gives you access to 26 rural shops and over 500,000 customers. Ongeza AgroVet has a robust IT system that allows suppliers to see real-time stocking levels and sales. The company is always looking for new products to add to our shelves. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Contact Us

If you would like to contact an individual shop, please use “Find a Shop” and call or visit them directly. If you are interested become a franchisee or a supplier or would like to contact our main office, please use this form.

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